Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Nutley, N.J.

“I’m doing research at NJIT on meta-composite ballistic armor — bullet-proof armor — with Dr. Kyle Dobiszewski. We are trying to improve modern-day soft body armor, hard body armor and helmets, because there is a lot of room for improvement in regard to protection from blunt force trauma ... I didn’t think I would ever have an opportunity like this or any [research] experience so early on in college. I hope to make a lot of progress in regard to my research and just gain some experience working in a lab and working with other people.”

(Above) Jennifer Callaghan (center) and Ayushi Sangoi, a biomedical and chemical engineering major, use an impact hammer to conduct modal testing, a form of vibration testing, as adviser Kyle Dobiszewski looks on. This type of testing characterizes the frequency response of a sample material — in this case, a commercially available ballistic fiberglass panel. Their work is supported by an FY18 Faculty Seed Grant.

Undergraduate research is thriving and highly encouraged at NJIT, both during the academic year and the summer months. Just this summer alone, nearly 140 undergrads are on campus conducting research with almost 70 professors, and 95 posters were presented at the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium. Undergraduate researchers are funded by a range of sponsors, including the university’s Provost Summer Research Fellowship, which is supporting 44 students. Overall, more than $3 million have been spent on undergraduate grants and stipends since 2014. For more information on undergraduate research opportunities, visit centers.njit.edu/uri.