Got News?

The NJIT Newsroom features timely news, announcements, events and accomplishments within the university that align with the Office of Strategic Communication’s strategic plans, editorial calendar and the university’s 2020 Vision. It has both an internal and external audience and priority is given to news that ties into national trends and events and accomplishments that have the potential for statewide or national media coverage. The goal is to enhance the university's reputation by posting stories to the NJIT website that have mass appeal and contribute to the success of 2020 Vision. Please follow these guidelines when submitting your news item via the form below and when determining whether it is appropriate for news submissions.

What is a News Story?

As a research university, it is imperative to focus on scientific or creative work that the general public will be interested in. We are interested in results, as well as on-going projects. If you're working on something for a peer-reviewed journal, let us know ahead of time so that a press release can be coordinated with the publication date.

Public Service or Outreach Projects
Outstanding faculty, staff and students involved in research or community outreach projects should let us know before visiting a city or town so we can work with local media.

Books or Research Publications
Please let us know about books or research publications either authored or edited that are about to be printed by key publishers.

Awards, Grants and Partnerships
We like to acknowledge the university and its faculty, staff and students with recognition for awards, fellowships and grants. Awards to be acknowledged will be at the statewide, national or international level, or specific to a discipline or to the university. Partnerships and collaborations should focus on specific projects or research.

Event or Conference
Events hosted at NJIT, or where NJIT personnel are presenting, may be newsworthy if they have an impactful theme or message that align with the strategic goals of NJIT. Please be specific when describing the event and its impact to the university community or public at large.

General Announcement
If your news item does not fit in the aforementioned categories, choose ‘General Announcement.’ Please note: news items that do not fit in with our editorial calendar schedule, department strategy and/or university 2020 Vision may not be posted to the newsroom.

*Information for future news items must be sent two weeks ahead of time when possible*

Submission Guidelines

All newsroom submissions for past news items must be accompanied with at least one high resolution photo to highlight the story. The larger the image is, the better it is. Photos must be in landscape orientation and headshots will not be accepted. We are looking for inspiring, candid and action shots. Example: If student/professor is winning an award, it should not be an actual photo of the person receiving the award. It should be a photo of them doing what they did to receive the award.

Submissions must be submitted at least two weeks before the event for future news items. If coverage or photography is requested, it must be done so via the photography request form. All events must be entered on 25Live so it may appear on your college’s home page event carousel. Submissions must include information that is of general interest to the university community. Seminars, lectures, conferences and events specific to a department should appear only on the respective department page.

Submissions must include contact information that can be used by people who want additional information about the opportunity or event. Include the name of an individual or sponsoring group, a phone number, an email address and a URL for a website (if applicable). Please be specific and provide details. Please spell out acronyms.

When submitting news, please include your hometown information if you would like local papers to be notified.

Submitting a news item does not guarantee coverage or placement. Responses to submissions usually occur within three business days.

If the submission requests coverage of a news item that has already happened, the requestor must provide a supplementary high resolution image. For news items in the future, the requestor must fill out a photography request form.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
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For requests for future coverage, submissions must be made 2 weeks in advance.
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