New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addressed educators and Newark public school students on the state of education in the City of Newark Wednesday on the NJIT campus. “The current state of education in this city can be summed up pretty simply: Kids in Newark are getting a better education today in the Newark Public Schools than they did six years ago. That is undeniable,” he said.

Christie discussed the impressive accomplishments and reforms that have occurred in the system over the last six years, noting that “Newark’s students are at the top of New Jersey's class - exceeding their peers in academic accomplishment across the state.” He also pointed out that "Graduation rates are now at 75 percent - a 16-point increase in six years."

Christie credited both the numerous educational programs that have been enacted as well as the team effort of educational and political leaders, teachers and investors that contributed to the city’s successes and highlighted NJIT by stating, "I wanted to come here today to shine a spotlight on NJIT, because it is such a success and part of the fabric of Newark."

Newark's school district has been run by the state since the mid-1990s, but Christie noted that control of Newark’s schools could be handed over to local officials next week, stating: “After more than 20 years of state control the progress made over the last six and a half years will afford the state the opportunity to return the Newark Public Schools to local control.  This is a watershed moment for Newark’s education community.”