Governor Phil Murphy today unveiled his economic development strategic plan – “The State of Innovation: Building a Stronger and Fairer Economy in New Jersey” – to set New Jersey on the path to a stronger and fairer future where innovation and diversity are at the forefront of the State’s economy.

“Today we outline the path for New Jersey to once again be a visionary leader in our national and global economy. We have all the ingredients – a highly educated population, one of the best locations in the nation, and immense talent— and now we have the plan,” said Governor Murphy. “This plan is the result of hundreds of meetings with countless people across our state who have a stake in our future success – business leaders; labor leaders; educators at all levels; community and faith leaders; state, county, and local officials; and our tremendous Cabinet team.

For the full press release and details of the plan, visit https://nj.gov/governor/news/news/562018/approved/20181001b.shtml.

NJIT President Joel S. Bloom and the New Jersey Presidents’ Council offered the following statements in response to the Governor’s announcement.

NJIT President Joel S. Bloom Statement

“NJIT’s success is rooted in the post-graduate achievements of its students. We prepare them for what now is unquestionably a technology-based economy, which is why our graduates earn salaries 20% higher than the national average. This approach has earned us the #1 ranking in the nation for the upward mobility achieved by our lowest income students. So, I am very pleased to see the emphasis Governor Murphy is placing on higher education’s role in developing the workforce necessary for our economy to thrive in the future. I also support his goal of growing the educational attainment of students from low-income and underrepresented populations. NJIT is a perfect example of how higher education can improve the economic outlook of students and entire families from the lowest income brackets while simultaneously strengthening and diversifying our state’s entire workforce.”

New Jersey Presidents’ Council Statement

“Governor Murphy’s focus on higher education as a catalyst for the talent development necessary to drive New Jersey’s economic growth is on target. Our state’s greatest economic asset is its well educated and highly skilled workforce. That workforce is essential to the industries that form the foundation of New Jersey’s economy, as well as its economic future. Our state currently outpaces the national average for the educational attainment of its citizens, but we must improve if we are to meet the projected workforce needs of New Jersey’s key industries. The Presidents’ Council supports Governor Murphy’s goal of significantly increasing the credentialing rate of our citizens by 2025 and embraces the central role that higher education must play in order to make that goal a reality.”