The College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) at NJIT is honored to present an exhibition of Alexandra Schoenberg’s and Leslie Adler’s solo and collaborative works called “Psycho-geographies.” These collaborative works present the viewer with an alternating process of internalizing and projecting from the outer space of the world to the inner space of the mind. As observers, we exist outside what is observed but at the same time we internalize through empathy. We create dioramas as a vehicle for looking at what we frame and what frames us.

The nature of their artistic collaboration stems out of their common interest in investigating the very old and entrenched dialectical opposites like figuration vs. abstraction and interior vs. exterior. They recognized that their own practices could fuse in the middle where they combine the dislocations of architectural representation and the intuitive marks of the subconscious in conjuring a mental landscape.

“Psycho-geographies” is open now and will close March 10 with an artist talk starting at 12 p.m. CoAD Gallery is open Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with additional times by appointment only. CoAD Gallery is located on the second floor of Weston Hall, NJIT campus (on the corner of MLK Blvd. and Warren St., Newark). For more information about the exhibition, please contact CoAD gallery curator, M. Gosser at: smatt_nj@yahoo.com.