Written by Cesar Bandera 

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Cesar Bandera and Ph.D. student Syed Sharjeelullah, both at the NJIT Martin Tuchman School of Management, are using IBM Watson to measure the effects of regional culture on the disposition of students around the world to entrepreneurship. This research, which aims to provide educators and policy makers with analytics to improve entrepreneurial performance, began with training the IBM Watson artificial intelligence platform to analyze mind maps drawn by entrepreneurship students and builds upon the new NJIT-IBM partnership. Sharjeelullah and Bandera are now training Watson on the strategies and practices of entrepreneurship, thus starting the process of making Watson itself an entrepreneur just as it has been trained to be a subject matter expert in other fields (notably medicine). This work was presented at the GWOctober Entrepreneurship Conference in Washington DC. Coincidentally, one of the themes of the conference was Humane Entrepreneurship, which addresses the impact of emerging factors including artificial intelligence on employment and the current workforce.