NJIT's Martin Tuchman School for Management was an academic sponsor for the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), a pre-eminent information systems research conference. Professors Jerry Fjermestad, Kenneth Lawrence and Stephan Kudyba assumed leadership roles as chairs for the Business Intelligence and Analytics Case Studies mini-track. They oversaw the selection of papers from this mini-track and selected some for invitation to submit to a special issue on Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electron Commerce, edited by Professors Fjermestad, Lawrence and Kudyba. 

At the conference, Shuai Zhao, a Ph.D. student in the college's Ph.D. program in Business Data Science, presented his research, which studies the factors influencing the usage of ad blockers, a tool that removes ads when a user is reading online content. Ad blocker usage surged 30% in 2016 and is still increasing rapidly. Most online publishers rely heavily on ad income and thus suffer billions of revenue losses due to ad blocker usage. The research goal is to understand online behaviors and the interplay between users, advertisers and publishers, based on analysis of big data of user behavior log, to sustain the free Web without comprising user experience. This is a joint work with Achir Kalra at Forbes Media, Dr. Chong Wang, Leon Vaks, and Professors Cristian Borcea and Yi Chen.  

"It was a great experience attending the AMCIS conference," said Zhao. "I enjoyed learning about state-of-the-art research, obtaining feedback about our work, and communicating with other researchers.”