Yi Chen, the Henry J. Leir Chair in Healthcare and an associate professor in the Martin Tuchman School of Management (MTSM) at NJIT, organized a symposium on Data Science for Healthcare (DaSH), sponsored by the Leir Charitable Foundations October 19-20 at the Leir Retreat Center.  MTSM Dean Dr. Reggie Caudill and Vice Provost for Research Dr. Atam Dhawan welcomed the participants and discussed the status and challenges of current healthcare in the U.S. and strategic focus areas of MTSM and NJIT.

Started in 2015, the DaSH 2017 symposium is the third annual event of the symposium. The theme of the DaSH 2017 Symposium is "Data Quality: Practices, Technologies and Implications." Data quality issues are ubiquitous in all applications, with incomplete data, duplicate data, incorrect data, inaccurate data and inconsistent data. Dirty data pose technical challenges and have implications in practical applications, especially in the healthcare domain. The DaSH 2017 symposium featured a panel that discussed several aspects in data quality: 1) What are the data quality issues in healthcare?; 2) What are the state-of-art technologies to address data quality problems?; and 3) What are other resources (e.g. standards, policies, etc.) to address data quality problems? Recommendations for future directions were also discussed. The DaSH symposium also presented a panel on another important healthcare problem: how to leverage big data to promote patient engagement. Examples of patient engagement include: engaging patients to maintain their health, engaging patients for communication with physicians and caregivers, and engaging patients for informed decision making. All of these are critical to transform reactive care to pro-active care, to improve outcomes and reduce costs. State-of-the-art technologies that use personalized patient communication and treatment, social media, mobile technologies and Internet of Things were discussed and grand challenges were identified for future agendas.

The DaSH symposium brought together distinguished researchers, representatives from leading companies and funding agencies and academic thought leaders to discuss the grand challenges and to identify research directions and priorities in this area. Professor Dantong Yu from MTSM and Mr. John Novak from NJII presented at the symposium. DaSH also featured external academic researchers, including Dr. Fei Wang (Cornell University), Dr. Andrea L. Hartzler (University of Washington), Dr. Louiqa Raschid (University of Maryland), and Dr. Frank A. Sonnenber (Rutgers). DaSH also attracted leaders from industry, including Dr. Eric Brown (Director, Foundational Innovation, Watson Health, IBM), and Mr. Christopher Joyce (VP Enterprise Data Solutions, Anthem, Inc.). In addition, representatives from professional communities and funding agencies presented at DaSH, including Ms. Kathy Grise (Senior Program Director for Big Data Initiatives, Future Directions at IEEE), Dr. Aidong Zhang (Program Director at NSF) and Mr. René Bastón (Executive Director, NSF Northeast Big Data Hub).

For more information about the DaSH symposium, please visit: https://web.njit.edu/~ychen/DaSH/