Between January 1 and March 21, 2019, New Jersey Institute of Technology has identified 20 fraudulent emails scams aimed at illegally procuring goods and services from vendors by posing as NJIT official departments and personnel.

NJIT would like to alert vendors to the scam by asking they remain vigilant and look out for some of these traits from previously reported fraudulent emails:

  • The email message contains misspellings and awkward sentences.
  • The sender’s email address or website link are not the same as the University’s standard email address.
  • The sender’s email may be coming from an individual’s name @njitedu.org, or @njit-edu.org.
  • The contact names listed on the “Request for Quotation” or  “Purchase Order” are not in the department that would typically be placing orders.
  • The delivery address is to a different address than the university campus address.
  • The logo used on the fraudulent “Request for Quotation” or “Purchase Order” is not the university approved logo.
  • The “Requests for Quotation” and “Purchase Order” is for large quantities of computer hard drives, memory, tires, industrial products, etc.; items that are easily resold and hard to trace.

While NJIT cannot prevent this illegal activity, we are working with law enforcement to investigate the origins of these emails.

If you believe that a fraudulent NJIT email has been sent to you, we encourage you to contact Detective Sergeant James Casey of the NJIT Police Department at casey@njit.edu.