“It’s an innovative company that has a great brand name. Everyone has heard of them, and the kind of things that the tech division does is very innovative and that’s something I look for,” commented Priya Rajbabu, an NJIT junior studying computer science, about Deutsche Bank.

“Deutsche Bank is one of the biggest banks, and they have a lot of positions right now,” noted Vineeth Yalaka, who will graduate from NJIT this May with a master’s in management. “My undergrad [degree] is in computer science, so I’m trying to look for a mix of…management with computer science, which Deutsche Bank provides.”

Both Rajbabu and Yalaka were among the 2,500 jobseekers attending Career Development Services’ (CDS) 25th Annual Fall Career Fair, and waited patiently on a long line in the Naimoli Athletic Center to meet with Deutsche Bank recruiter Harry Seaborn. After nearly a decade away from NJIT’s career fairs, the large international banking organization, founded in 1870, came back to the university to recruit for its technology analyst internship program. The bank was one of some 200 private, public and government employers searching for tech talent at the fair to fill internship, co-op and full-time slots.

“We’re looking for strong development talent, as well as project managers and business analysts, and we think NJIT is a really good opportunity to meet the talent and the exact profile that we’re looking for,” Seaborn remarked. “For a while we shifted away from the hiring profile that we had, and now we’re coming back to a more technical profile.

“It’s great!” he declared about his NJIT career-fair experience. “We’re meeting some awesome talent.”

Vineeth Yalaka (right), a graduate management student, met with Deutsche Bank recruiter Harry Seaborn (left).

Pat DeBiasse, an NJIT mechanical engineering alum who was recruiting for Becton, Dickinson and Company’s (BD) full-time manufacturing development program, and knows firsthand about the value of the university’s career fairs, agreed. “I love the students here! I’ve had great conversations today.”

Founded in 1897, BD is a global medical technology company that “leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories.” The Fall Career Fair marked its return to NJIT following a two-year hiatus.

NJIT alum Pat DeBiasse (left) was recruiting for Becton Dickinson and Company.

Eager to meet with DeBiasse was Abhinav Mehrotra, a second-year mechanical engineering graduate student. “I saw [BD] on the list of employers [attending the fair.] I went to their company website and saw that they needed a mechanical engineer, which is why I chose to stand on this line for about 20 minutes,” he said just before his turn at the BD table.

So, how did his discussion with DeBiasse go? “It went pretty well. He happened to be a research assistant at the same lab [the Advanced Energy Systems and Microdevices Laboratory at NJIT] that I’m at, so he was pretty interested in me and he said that I should expect to hear from him.”

Mehrotra, well prepared for the fair with a folder containing cover letters and resumes for the seven companies he wanted to visit with, added, “I graduate after this semester, so I’ve got to nail this.”

Among the many other employers at the fair were ADP, Johnson & Johnson, Bohler Engineering, Jacobson & Company, MTA-NYC Transit, ExxonMobil, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, TATA Consultancy, the U.S. Navy and Panasonic. The 2018 Spring Career Fair will be held Feb. 21 at NJIT’s new Wellness and Events Center.

(Top and bottom) Recruiters and jobseekers discuss employment opportunities.

MONEY Magazine named NJIT one of the top 10 colleges in the nation with great career services. NJIT ranked fourth among public institutions, with a strong combination of well-staffed career centers and young alumni who go on to earn higher-than-average early salaries.