NJIT’s multidisciplinary approach to digital design education is the subject of a recent article in Animation Career Review.

Glenn Goldman, founding director of the School of Art + Design, discusses the school’s flexible curriculum and commitment to develop broadly educated students.

“A design program embedded in a research university exposes students to interrelated techniques and knowledge in a variety of contexts,” says Goldman, who also oversees the digital design program. “We work to prepare students to deal with constant change and to find areas of interest that connect various disciplines, from gaming and animation to biomedical engineering and theatre arts.”

Recent alum Will Busarello uses physical computing skills to design and develop a project.

 In 2008, the School of Art + Design joined the New Jersey School of Architecture to form the College of Architecture and Design at NJIT, making the top polytechnic university the first school in New Jersey to house interior design, industrial design, digital design and architecture under one roof.

“At NJIT, we have a history and legacy of using digital technology in creative and innovative ways,” says Goldman.

And given the popularity of immersive experiences and the growing demand for augmented and virtual reality professionals, “there is increased use of VR and AR in our disciplines in the School of Art + Design at NJIT,” assures Goldman. “We are seeing convergence with game design, haptic feedback/physical computing and therapeutic applications. In the long term, I’m not sure where we will go or when. But for now, the journey is a lot of fun.”

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