On Feb. 22, the buzz of opportunity will fill the university’s Fleisher Athletic Center and Naimoli Tennis Center when NJIT students and a diverse roster of employers gather there for Career Development Services’ (CDS) 2017 Spring Career Fair. The fair is scheduled to run from 12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

To help job-seeking students best prepare for an optimal experience, CDS offers a mobile website called Career Fair Navigator. The proprietary online tool provides a host of features that streamlines both the review of Career Fair materials and navigation of the actual event, thereby allowing students to plan the day more efficiently and spend more time interacting with prospective employers.

Why go the proprietary route? “We researched other similar products on the market and thought they were limited in their features and capabilities,” said Gregory Mass, CDS executive director. “We’ve built a website tool that contains more information, is easier to use and offers more features.”

Fritz Alcindor ’05 (computer science), a part-time consultant at CDS, designed Career Fair Navigator along with two NJIT students and with input from a range of stakeholders, especially students and CDS staff. “The process also involved following an extensive software development life cycle,” Alcindor said. The tool was completed in 2015 and beta tested at the 2016 Spring Career Fair, after which the CDS team made multiple modifications based on user suggestions.

What the Tool Includes

Career Fair Navigator offers students a wealth of resources.

Career Fair Navigator contains information on all participating employers. The tool enables users to perform a series of searches that both targets employers aligned with their career interests and helps map out their day at the fair.

For example, students can search by:

—Major (as well as dual major and major/minor).

—Position type (full time, part time, internship, co-op, summer, temporary).

—Employer name (which brings up a stadium-like map and indicates the location of selected employers).

Students can easily locate employers at the fair using the website tool.

Students also can subscribe to receive push notifications through Career Fair Navigator that offer general announcements and tips for attending the fair. Additionally, they can be notified through the website of any last-minute, real-time changes on the day of the fair, such as employers that have canceled or changed location.

“We want students to be able to research companies beforehand and overall have a better career fair experience,” summed up Mass, recounting when he met a student who did not know about Career Fair Navigator and had spent several hours reviewing hard-copy materials.

Indeed, key to the tool’s function is its ability to save students valuable time. As Alcindor pointed out, Career Fair Navigator can whittle down preparation from hours to minutes and, in turn, provide students with “greater opportunity to find jobs.”

Students and recent alumni can register for the Career Fair through their CDSLink account. Alumni without a UCID password can contact the NJIT Helpdesk at 973-596-2900 or register at the door on the day of the fair.

To learn more about Career Fair Navigator, visit https://www.njitcfn.com/student/.